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EnviroTex Jewelry Clay 4oz - Scrapbook Kyandyland

EnviroTex Jewelry Clay 4oz

Enviro Tex

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ENVIRONMENTAL-Envirotex Jewelry Clay.

Is easy to mix, shape, mold and add texture. It is a blend of epoxy and clay powders.

This advanced formula is easy to mix and cures to a hard, durable and shock resistant product.

This package contains 4 oz of clay. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Made in USA.

This clay is a blend of premium epoxy and clay powders resulting in a smooth, porcelain-like surface that will not shrink when cured. This advanced formula is easy to mix; has a long working time; and cures to a hard, durable and impact-resistant product. EnviroTex Jewelry Clay has excellent adhesive qualities and will bond to most surfaces including glass, metal, wood and more. Once cured, EnviroTex Jewelry Clay is waterproof and heat- and chemical-resistant. EnviroTex can be colored while in its uncured form or painted when cured. It cures to a firm hardness in 5 hours and fully cures in approximately 24 hours at 70 degrees F.